Buckhill Capital LP invests in socially responsible companies, offering both equity and debt financing to companies creating value through positive environmental, social and economic outcomes. We are opportunistic but we prefer companies working on to make an impact in education, workforce readiness and training, affordable housing and resource efficiency, especially supply chain. We typically invest in Series A and beyond.


Population growth, rising global temperatures and dwindling natural resources threaten economic stability and security around the world.

We support companies that produce or promote clean energy, reduce pollution or waste, or develop innovative solutions to managing the earth’s finite resources.

The traditional education system fails to prepare many students to obtain good jobs for the changing economy at a reasonable cost.

We finance companies that improve the access and affordability of higher education and certifications as well as those who provide workforce training for underserved populations.

There is a nationwide shortage of housing for lower income families, and many cities cannot even provide middle income housing for vital employees like teachers, nurses, and firefighters.

We seek to create stronger, more resilient communities with companies that are developing workforce housing, transportation solutions, or other services that provide increased safety, stability, and quality of life for everyone.

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