Meet Mill: An opportunity to convert food waste into a regenerative food system


Let’s convert food waste into something productive for the planet!

Buckhill shares Mill’s obsession with regenerating food waste. We are thrilled that Matt Rogers, Harry Tannenbaum and the Mill team have created a smart home device to convert excess food into healthy ingredients to be reused in food production. Mill has created a new circular economy from farmer to consumer and back to farmer which reduces food waste emissions, a major contributor to greenhouse gases. Matt and Harry are serial entrepreneurs who created Nest. Previously, Matt was instrumental in creating Apple’s first iPod, first iPhone and first iPad. Buckhill is pleased to have supported this extraordinary team by investing in Mill’s Series A and B. We hope you join us in turning the food waste system into a regenerative food system.

To learn more and sign up for Mill membership, visit and secure your Mill Membership with a refundable deposit of $33.

About Mill Industries Inc. (“Mill”)
Mill was founded in 2020 by Matt Rogers and Harry Tannenbaum, who worked together at Nest, building the iconic Nest Learning Thermostat and other smart home products. The lessons they learned about encouraging new habits at home that are good for people and the planet are incredibly relevant to changing our perception of waste, starting in the kitchen.

About Buckhill Capital
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