Buckhill Capital convenes entrepreneurs and investors to discuss the Future of Work in an Age of Rising Automation and AI

Future of Work in an Age of Rising Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Buckhill Capital hosted a discussion with Bloomberg technology reporter Aki Ito to discuss the future of work in an age of rising automation and artificial intelligence.

Entrepreneurs, investors and journalists gathered at Buckhill to discuss opportunities and considerations in this age of rising Artificial Intelligence and Automation technologies which will affect virtually all occupations. The guest speaker was Bloomberg journalist Aki Ito, who hosts Bloomberg’s award-winning mini-documentary video series Next Jobs, which profiles people in careers that did not exist a generation ago.

Learn more about Aki’s video series Next Jobs: https://www.bloomberg.com/next-jobs

Participants came from PocketSuite, Flexport, Baidu Ventures, Democracy Earth, Sfventures, MarsBio, VMware, Personal Capital, Seqnc, Automation Ventures, Atrium, Velorum Capital, MaC Venture Captial, Stifel, Tiny Farms Inc.,  Google,  Liquid 2 Ventures, Trust Ventures, Camvi Technologies, Owl Ventures, Yes VC, Alpha Bridge Ventures, Nana, DCVC, Pradco, Wag, Propel Venture Partners

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