Buckhill Capital LP invests in The Renewal Workshop

the renewal workshop buckhill capital
Buckhill Capital LP invested in The Renewal Workshop in an equity round with other investors, including Gratitude Railroad.  The Renewal Workshop provides a circular economic system that generates additional revenues for the apparel industry and improves resource efficiency by reducing waste, water and energy consumption.About Renewal Workshop:Founded by Jeff Denby and Nicole Basset,The Renewal Workshop recovers and renews apparel, so it can be resold.Headquartered in Cascade Locks, Oregon, the company contracts with brands and retailers in the apparel industry to ship damaged product and unsellable returns to Renewal Workshop to be refurbished.The clean and repaired products are then shipped back to brand or retailer to be sold.  The Renewal Workshop also sells apparel direct to consumers.About Buckhill:  Founded in 1999 by Henrik Jones, Buckhill Capital LP invests in companies focused on efficient use of resources, education, and healthy communities.  Buckhill has made over 60 direct investments and over 20 fund investments in private equity, real estate and opportunistically in alternative assets.  Founded with Gratitude Railroad in 2017, Buckhill Credit LLC makes private loans to companies growing with a mission.Download PDF Version Here

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