Buckhill Capital Hosts Global Climate Action Summit Opening at the Grace Cathedral

Henrik Jones Buckhill Capital

Last night, hundreds of guests, dignitaries, representatives from faith groups and members of the Grace Cathedral congregation filtered into the cathedral to learn how we can take action together to address global climate change. This service was one of the many events organized around the Global Climate Action Summit led by Governor Jerry Brown. The Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus, Bishop of California and climate activist, played an important role in the service.


The night included an Ohlone welcome, the Arabic call to prayer (adhan), a reading of the creation account in Genesis by Rita Semel, Co-Founder of the San Francisco Interfaith Council and cathedral trustee, and more. We celebrated our ability to take bold action to affect climate change, through reflections on the wonder of life and the mystery of love, as read by Leader Nancy Pelosi and leaders from all over the world.

The groundbreaking night ended with a festive reception sponsored by Buckhill Capital.

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