Buckhill invests in Para, an app for gig workers to optimize their earnings

“Henrik & the Buckhill team were one of our earliest supporters when Para was just an idea. Even before they invested, Henrik made some key intros. We’re thankful to have them as partners on this journey to build a better, worker-focused gig economy!”

– David Pickerell, Founder & CEO of Para

Para puts more money in gig workers’ pockets by being the central hub that integrates and communicates with the different systems run by each gig platform. Para calls this a “personal dispatch system” representing each individual gig workers’ preferences. This system helps gig workers better manage their existing work options, and also surfaces additional opportunities to supplement their existing work or fill gaps during slow periods.

With these tools, gig workers will be empowered to achieve their goals on their terms.

“Para and Buckhill share the vision that gig platforms should help workers maximize earnings as opposed to extractive platforms that create algorithms to strip wages from users.

– Henrik Jones, Buckhill Capital

Many large platforms lose sight of the gig workers and what’s in their best interest. Para puts these providers in the driver’s seat when it comes to their gig work which enables them to make choices that affect their financial well being.

Buckhill seeks online platforms where users get paid for their data such as revenue share, coop, and subscription.  Para is a platform designed for workers of the future.  Para displaces extractive business models and improves earnings for workers.