Buckhill Capital Invests in Anthropic to Advance Safety in Artificial Intelligence Advancements

Buckhill Capital has invested in Anthropic, a pioneering artificial intelligence Large Language Model (LLM) platform focused on developing human-oriented AI systems. 

Anthropic is an AI research company founded by OpenAI alumni and researchers, dedicated to advancing AI safety and addressing the long-term consequences of AI systems. The company’s mission is to create AI technologies that are both useful and aligned with human values, ensuring a positive impact on society. Anthropic is working on developing scalable, safe, and robust AI systems that can be controlled and understood by humans. 

Buckhill shares Anthropic’s mission to build AI systems that are not just intelligent but also understandable, interpretable, and aligned with human values.  Henrik Jones, Managing Partner at Buckhill Capital, expressed his enthusiasm: “In the new age of AI, we believe that Anthropic has the potential to create a positive humancentric LLM, and we are excited to be a part of this transformative journey.”

About Buckhill Capital: Buckhill invests in people on a mission to build sustainable systems and healthy communities. Buckhill provides expansion stage capital for companies with proven products.

About Anthropic: Anthropic is a pioneering large language model (LLM) AI company focused on AI safety. Claude by Anthropic was created to be an AI assistant that adheres to the core principles: helpful (provides useful information and avoids harmful, incorrect, or misleading information), Harmless (avoids harmful behaviors or causing negative consequences to humans), and  Honest (provides truthful and factually accurate information to humans with no intention to deceive people).