Buckhill invests in Goodr, a company that diverts food from landfills to consumers

Jasmine Crowe, Founder of Goodr
“At Goodr, we believe that hunger isn’t a scarcity issue. It’s a logistics issue that can be solved with entrepreneurship and investors like Buckhill Capital,” said Jasmine Crowe the Founder and CEO of Goodr.“By diverting excess edible food to local communities in need, Goodr has reimagined logistics to solve hunger while also reducing greenhouse gases from food waste.  Goodr has created a sustainable community service by making more with less, a dream investment for Buckhill,” said Henrik Jones, General Partner of Buckhill Capital.Every year in the United States, over 72 billion pounds of food goes to landfills while 42 million people go hungry with food insecurity. Goodr has a simple solution: waste less and feed more. CEO Jasmine Crowe and her team have created a logistics delivery and SaaS company to increase the economic value of the food supply chain. Goodr provides a secure ledger that tracks an organization’s surplus food from pickup to donation with real-time social and environmental impact reporting analytics. Goodr also provides delivery services for organizations to get charitable tax-deductible donations by sending surplus edible food to local communities. Since inception in 2017, Goodr has delivered two million meals to people in need by diverting 2.2 million pounds of surplus food from landfills which has reduced 1.3 million pounds of carbon emissions.Buckhill invested in a Pre-Series A Convertible with other investors, including Emerson Collective, Halogen Ventures, Precursor Ventures, and Oakstone Ventures.About Goodr: Founded by Jasmine Crowe in 2017, Goodr is on a mission to feed more people by wasting less food. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Goodr is a certified B Corporation.About Buckhill: Founded in 1999 by Henrik Jones, Buckhill Capital LP invests in companies focused on efficient use of resources, education, and healthy communities.