Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2019 Buckhill Capital

Dear Buckhill Community-

We humans created this horrible climate crisis, and the good news is that many of us want to reopen in new ways to better handle our future.

While the pandemic has caused terrible human suffering, the rest of the planet has gotten the best rest since Earth Day started fifty years ago. Sheltering in place has lowered pollution. The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that greenhouse gas emissions will fall 7.5-percent in 2020. How can we keep our carbon footprint down and emerge this crisis on a better track than when we went in?

Although unlikely, what if our elected officials generated policies that protect our future such as expanding the Green New Deal, a modern version FDR’s New Deal and WPA that resuscitated the US from the Depression? Once the current administration sees that it is politically advantageous, the President may again reverse his position on climate resiliency. Today, President Trump announced that he would plant one trillion trees that would sequester most of the carbon dioxide created since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century. Maybe, but we cannot count on our elected officials to solve this crisis. It is up to us as individuals, investors and entrepreneurs to fix this extractive economic system that has lost its way.

We hope that Buckhill’s capital can help you get us out of this crisis. We look for people on a mission to create healthy communities for all and climate resiliency. We are concerned about everyone’s rights for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in a digital world. Data is the world’s largest market based on an extractive business model similar to the fossil fuel industry that takes more out of this planet than it yields. A few behemoth companies own this $3 trillion data market by sucking personal data out of individuals, companies and nations. Date extraction is far more profitable and a more sinister business model than extracting oil, diamonds, and other natural resources. Buckhill funds business models where users get more out of the platform than the business gets out of them, such as revenue sharing, subscription services, and coops for all. We recently invested in Good Money because it is the first banking platform in the world that is owned by its customers.

We are also looking for companies on a mission to make more with less, hence reducing their carbon footprint. Our highest priority is supply chain SaaS and circular businesses promoting climate resiliency. We are particularly excited about the apparel industry because it is committed to making sustainable business models and has spawned many large investment opportunities for us. Buckhill invested in Higg Co, that supplies the Higg Index for brands, retailers and manufacturers to measure and manage the environmental and social impact of their supply chain.

Buckhill invests in companies at the growth inflection point from a strong base of revenues. We provide growth capital to companies on a visible path for significant environmental, social and economic outcomes. We generally invest in Series A with companies that have minimum revenues of $1MM. If you think that we might fit with your needs for capital, please contact us.

This Earth Day is the most horrific that we recall, and it is also the biggest opportunity to adapt to new practices that are better stewards for the world than when we entered the crisis. We look forward to zoom collaborating with you.

– Henrik, Ash and Crystal

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